Our Science

Challenges of Drug Delivery Systems

  • Stably/efficiently delivering biologics
  • Precise delivery to target disease site
  • Toxicity of payload/carrier material

Our Solution

Nanopolymers stably/efficiently load biologics in micelle form, preventing biologics from becoming active and causing toxicity off-target.

pH change triggers nanopolymers to detach from biologics, resulting in precise biologics delivery to target disease site.
Detached PEG-based nanopolymers or micelles remaining in the bloodstream are metabolized with low safety concerns.


The Problem with Existing Cancer Immunotherapy

  • Immunotherapy has potential to achieve complete cure of cancer.

  • Immunotherapies do not work for 80% of solid tumor patients.

Our Solution: NCM (Nanopolymer Cytokine Micelles)

IL-12-loaded NCM is systemically injected and travel through pores in cancer microvessels to the tumor microenvironment.
IL-12 is emitted in the tumor microenvironment and recruits immune cells, resulting in cancer cell death.

Possibility of Combination Therapy

Cytokines could enhance treatment effect in ICI non-responders: 80% of solid tumor patients

NCM will be developed as monotherapy with possible applications for combination therapy with ICI

ICI: Immuno-checkpoint inhibitors