Who we are

A biotech startup founded in 2021 / headquartered in US, developing an innovative drug delivery system with nanotechnology

Takuya Miyazaki, Ph.D
CEO, Founder

Horacio Cabral, Ph.D
Co-founder, Drug Discovery Head

Rika Tajima, MPH
Co-founder, VP FPA/HR/Corporate

Loui Madakamutil, Ph.D
Executive Chair
Company Name Red Arrow Therapeutics, Inc.
Founders Takuya Miyazaki, Ph.D. and Horacio Cabral, Ph.D.
Founded Date August 19, 2021
Phone Number US Headquarters: 617-256-2008
JP Office: 03-6807-3653
Address US Headquarters: 1 Broadway 14F, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142
JP Office: Toranomon Hills Business Tower 1-17-1 Toranomon, Minato City, Tokyo 105-6490

US Headquarters:

Japan Office: