Who we are

A biotech startup founded in 2021 / headquartered in US, developing an innovative drug delivery system with nanotechnology

Takuya Miyazaki, Ph.D
CEO, Founder

Horacio Cabral, Ph.D
Co-founder, R&D Lead

Rika Tajima, MPH
Business Manager

Loui Madakamutil, Ph.D
Executive Chair
Company Name Red Arrow Therapeutics, Inc.
Founders Takuya Miyazaki, Ph.D. and Horacio Cabral, Ph.D.
Founded Date August 19, 2021
Phone Number US Headquarters: 617-256-2008
JP Office: 03-6807-3653
Address US Headquarters: 1 Broadway 14F, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142
JP Office: Toranomon Hills Business Tower 1-17-1 Toranomon, Minato City, Tokyo 105-6490

US Headquarters:

Japan Office: